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Revolutionizing CAD Data Conversion

Introducing SolidMachine, the First AI-Powered Technology of its Kind

We are thrilled to unveil Solid Machine, our groundbreaking technology, for the very first time at Unreal Build: Automotive 2021 online event. Solid Machine represents a major leap forward in CAD data conversion, offering cutting-edge modules such as Solid Meta, which seamlessly connects Big Data with CAD data in Unreal. With Solid Slim, thousands of objects can be easily fixed and reduced, while maintaining all the intricate car details. Solid Leap enables effortless conversion of shader libraries from single images, while Solid Creator provides a user-friendly front-end for designers without real-time skills to create stunning marketing pictures.

Thanks to Solid Machine, complex QA tasks can now be completed in minutes rather than days, saving valuable time and resources. We are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new technology and look forward to seeing the amazing ways in which it will be utilized in the future.


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